The Campus, Bird’s-Eye Stylee

15 Jun

Unfortunately, the word stylee has been lost from the American vernacular. This post is intended to single-handedly bring the term back with crappy to mediocre pictures from my point-and-shoot. Plus, hopefully everyone will get a sense of the campus on which I teach from photos taken from the 17th and 27th floors of the bombastically named Cathedral of Learning. I consider this latter effect collateral damage in the wake of stylee‘s resurrection.

Please forgive the shitty quality of the photos. The shots were taken from the other side of glass windows on a cloudy day because I got tired of saying, “It’s too cloudy for photos.” I have white balance, dammit.

Boulevard of Nations

St. Michael's Gate

"They are ants, Michael. They are ants."

Campus Wat

Outside of campus.

Remember when I told you that my campus is a 40-minute cab ride from Bangkok? Well, below are pictures of what the area looks like immediately outside of my campus. It’s mainly very rural and undeveloped except along the main road(s) where you find small, tasty restaurants, a dive bar, and life-saving fruit markets. There does seem to be a lot of construction happening on the outskirts of campus, but I imagine the new buildings are only because of my university’s influence; most of the living quarters that aren’t soon-to-be-finished high-rises are shanty homes made out of corrugated metal (which is utterly heartbreaking, as the homes sit in the shadow of these tacky McApartments on which the residents work).

View from my office's floor.


Another view from the floor of my office.

I understand that a post full of pictures is almost like a sitcom running a clip show. I appreciate your patience. I promise that I have a good post coming up soon that involves everything from muay thai to a delicious breakfast replete with salty fish sauce.


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4 responses to “The Campus, Bird’s-Eye Stylee

  1. Marnie Nemcoff

    June 15, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    LOVE it Barry!! xo

  2. Mary Dima

    June 16, 2011 at 7:52 am

    I love the Campus Wat photo and wish to quietly sit inside for hours and just BREATHE. Stunning! I think Campus Wat would be a great subject for a series of photos….but, I bet the subjects are endless!

  3. Tom

    July 3, 2011 at 9:02 pm



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