I guess it’s a good idea to include a mandatory About Me page for, you know, context and all.

I’m a 24-year-old American from the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. I spent four years in Baltimore, Maryland for college and then two years in grad school in College Park, Maryland, which is right outside of Washington, D.C. Consequently, I don’t really consider Philadelphia as my home—or at least I don’t want to. If I had to pick an ideal home base—and I will—it’d probably be D.C.

Between graduating in May 2010 with my M.A. and arriving in Thailand twelve months later, I worked in a surf shop—I don’t surf—and at a local news station in Philadelphia, where I wrote news copy for TV and the station’s Web site. (In case you’re wondering, writing for the Web is infinitely better than writing for TV—or at least it is for me, the travelling blogger.)

Now I’m in Thailand, getting ready to teach English language at a university and hopefully see Southeast Asia. Why? I guess antsiness and a need to get out of my usual routine. There are altruistic reasons, e.g. teaching English in a developing country, like Thailand, offers (albeit problematically) natives a way into the larger world picture. Mostly, though, my trip was spurred by selfish reasons. I’ll be waiting to see if this fact changes the longer I stay around.

So tag along with me for the inevitable and probably frequent cultural mishaps, fucking awesome explorations, ruminations on teaching abroad, Engrish, my awful Thai, and self-indulgent asides about what it is to be farang, or a foreigner in Thailand.

I promise, if nothing else, there will be plenty of cursing.



One response to “Me?

  1. mary

    June 8, 2011 at 10:31 am

    I didn’t realize that there was an ” about me ” page……..which like all the other writings, made me laugh out loud…..and made me get off my procrastinating ass and post a comment. I, so, look forward to reading about your experiences on the other side of the World and wish you infinite happiness!!!


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